Hello from Sunny Florida!

Hello All,
I’m new here and wanted to say thank you for welcoming me. I’m an author of one book which was published in 2019. Since that time I have struggled to turn my thoughts into possible events, then into a possible plot. I won’t bore you with why my writing isn’t going well. It just isn’t working because I have something (just less than an obsession) nagging me. I want to write a novel about a horrible private Boarding School in the early 1900s. My grandfather attended there, and his story has stayed with me for decades.


Welcome! I am fascinated by the idea of your boarding school story. I hope you find this platform helpful as you pursue your writing goals.

If it’s anything like the boarding school in the series 1923, you should definitely write it. I don’t know how accurate that boarding school for Indians is portrayed, but it was worse than abusive.

Kia ora, J.A. Your story will be valuable for many people whose ancestors have experienced that sort of place. I am sad that your grandfather had such an awful time at that awful boarding school.

My mother spent time at an orphanage run by Catholic nuns. I want to write about her time there. Her experience was not awful, even though they worked her quite hard in the laundry. Despite that, she told me one or two awful things that that continue to stay with me. The ‘things’ were visited on a small child by an older girl. My mother was in shock.

We should both get on and write their stories.

Good luck

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Thanks Kristine! Hopefully I’ll have a couple of chapters ready for a beta reader.

Hi Harda, I appreciate your response. I think my story may be a bit different than others - my story does not involve a Native American boarding school. It was a private school with a lot of secrets and a couple of horrible adults.