Have You Read The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides?

If you’ve read The Silent Patient and loved it as much as the millions of others that have, then you may already know about his latest book, The Maidens!

It’s his next in line of works and I for one had purchased my copy months in advance of it’s release.

It was so good!!!

With some amazing revelations that the moment I was done I re-read The Silent Patient with new eyes for some great clues and foreshadowing, that only now had the deepest sense of importance.

These two books are completely stand alone works of art, but there are veins that intersect if you’re keen enough to spot them.

For anyone that wants to write a series, Michaelides shows some fine craftsmanship in novel writing. His work is like a fine tuned machine, it’s so smooth.

Check him out!

Alex Michaelides

The Maidens 2021

Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient 2019

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Yes, read and loved The Silent Patient (actually I’ll admit to listening to it rather than reading it), but not yet The Maidens. Thanks for giving it the thumbs up – I’ll look out for it now.

I may have to go back and re-read it to look at the foreshadowing. Despite enjoying the book tremendously, I thought the clues/foreshadowing were a bit heavy-handed and obvious, but still did not detract from enjoing the story. Maybe I only saw the surface clues and not those that were more deeply enmeshed. Or, perhaps that’s the drawback to listening to a book rather than reading it. That the narrator unconsciously labours such points when reading, thus making the foreshadowing too blunt.

I’ll make a point of “reading” The Maidens, rather than listening and see if I feel differently.

No worries, Listen away! I’m a 90% listener (for multi tasking, 10% eyes to paper (when I miss holding and smelling a book).

I completely recommend listening to The Maidens next. (It’s a stand alone novel with some cross over threads.)

Only then, if you feel you need to re-read the Silent Patient you can, but it is not at all necessary.

I just fell compelled to. I re-read things often, it’s just my style. (Double checking my perspective and initial thoughts) The first read as entertainment the second, if I really liked it, as a study in the authors writing style and method.

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