Have you considered a blog for online presence?

Hello everyone.

I thought I would try something a little different this Monday.
Please feel free to let me know if any of this is helpful to you or if you would enjoy more posts with this kind of content?

I hope you, like so many of us from this group, are enjoying the Escape the Plot Forest Summit 2021. If you have had to miss out, but wish you were able to attend…

IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Seriously, pick up your all-access pass and you can enjoy the entire summit at your leisure through the replays for all time! **

Some early-bird discounted tickets are still available through tonight (tomorrow the price goes up). Follow the link here to get yours. https://forest.plotsummit.com/what-is-the-plot-pass/

On a side note, I know for myself the energy of the summit really pumps up my ambitions into high gear. I begin thinking about all things writing.

One thing that comes to mind is blogging.

If you have thought of building a blog to give yourself a platform to publish in chapters, or to create your own following of any kind, but have felt a bit lost in the process of it all. You are not alone.

Rest assured there is help to navigate the way.

Please take note of this FREE WORKSHOP! It is put on by Suzi from Start a Mom Blog, but all the lessons are transferable to any type of blog you may wish to start, and it’s FREE!

Here is what Suzi has to say: “If you’re just starting your blog or you’ve been doing it for a few years, this 5 Day Live challenge is going to be so helpful for you!

A FREE 5 Day Writing Challenge. During the next 5 days, we’ll share how to create social media posts, emails, blog posts, and sales copy!

The group is only open until Friday - so take advantage of all this free help and support!

We’ll have daily share threads so you can get traffic to your blog posts and peer reviews”​[Join the Free 5 Day Writing Challenge here!


Another great blogging instructor *(Daniel recommends her often and she does not disappoint!) is Grace Moser of chasingfoxes.com. She has some great FREE material on finding your niche and making it successful.

Check her out here: www.chasingfoxes.com/how-to-find-your-blogs-niche-make-it-successful/

I recall thanking myself later that I did!

*Is this kind of information helpful to you as a creative writer?

Would you like more content like this?

Do you have any suggestions for the kind of posts you would most like to see?

Please feel free to share links and suggestions here. I look forward to hearing from you.*


Whilst I’m not thinking about starting a blog for the time being, I love reading all your posts - both those I respond to and those I don’t (sorry about those), so please don’t feel you’re writing into a void. Your words are being read and enjoyed.


Thanks, DeAnna! You’re doing a great job at posting a variety of interesting topics for us to contemplate and discuss. I think, as writers in this modern age, we should all be familiar with how to navigate social media, and with establishing an online presence. Marketing and self-promotion have become a large part of getting our writing into the hands of our readers.


Thank you so much, I want to be sure to cover anything of interest as it pertains to writing and your input is deeply appreciated.

I’m hoping to customize posts for our group’s tastes as well as more experimental ones for a little extra spice.

Please feel free to share anything of interest y’all come across as well. I really enjoy the collaboration.

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Agreed! For now, my blog is on my Goodreads author profile.


I have a blog. I started it about 13 months ago specifically to gauge the viability of a project. As of Sunday, the 24th, I had 5014 followers and just over a thousand comments.


That has got to feel so satisfying, like throwing a message in a bottle out into the ocean and in a matter of a few short moons, a thousand messages…replies from the 5014 that were moved to do so by your initial cast…have now washed up onto your shore …perfection!

I want to invite you to share the link to your blogs if you would enjoy more readers? I am always amazed at how a group with so much in common will easily have vast and varied, tastes and skills in the subject matter. I get very inspired by just being in the audience of other writers.

Seriously everyone with a blog please feel encouraged to share here, where else we may find you out there in the world crafting the written word.


Okay; here’s my blog:


This is me:


I did try signing on for your newsletter, (the link seemed to glitch by not providing fields that fill out).

Still, I would love to subscribe!

May I provide you directly with my email address for that reason?

I need to fix that. It’s on my list for the weekend.

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Just put up my first post:



I didn’t specify which weekend. But the subscribe link is here:


I’m still working out a new MailChimp setup.

I signed up.

Love a good writing craft website, me.

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Thank you! I signed up for yours too. I actually was having the same trouble as DeAnna, but she’d already addressed it, so I figured I’d wait until the new link got posted. :blush:

I’ve got MailChimp too. Goal for my first newsletter release is 5/16.

Yes, I have a blog on Wordpress. I don’t use it as often as I used to, yet it’s a wonderful tool for writers looking to share their art as well as connect with others.

What’s the link for your blog? (If that’s something you want to share. :smiley:)

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Sure! https://wellsfiction94.wordpress.com/

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I got your inaugural news drop. It was great, but boy that was a lot of content. Overwhelming. Inaugural or not, I’d have split that into 3, maybe 4 drops.

Previous life I published email newsletters to a base of 30k subscribers, we got to know just how much to put in before they zoned out. You don’t want to burn through all your content too quickly, either. It’s hard work.

I now run the newsletter for a sport charity, only 1000 in the list, but I know how far most of them will scroll on their phones. Not far.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ve heard from some others, and no one’s commented on the length. Open rates are great, and no one’s unsubscribed. I modeled mine after a few successful comp title authors I get quarterly newsletters from, and mine was actually 1/3 to 1/2 shorter than theirs. Different audience expectations, I suppose. :slight_smile:

I’m not concerned about running out of content. :blush: I actually had to pare down this first one, and I have a ton of other stuff coming up that I can include in upcoming issues.