Happy New Year to Everyone!

New Year’s is a time of resolutions for many, a sense of a starting place for new habits or breaking old ones.

What a lovely opportunity to do so if the rest of the year has gotten away without reform for the betterment of one’s self.

Last year I chose the do a theme of “literary pursuits” for 2021.

( @Danielw has shared a link in the past to an awesome video about themes as opposed to specifics for success in our resolutions.
Thus allowing for any endeavor under that theme to count towards your personal achievements. Very obtainable, very affirming, and highly manageable in expectations and forward momentum results.)

One of those pursuits had me joining a friend’s book club and literary society.

She too has tackled more of her desires to be active in writing her blog and book reviews, and a great job she does of it.

If you enjoy authentic opinions on in-depth book reviews please check Brittany Smyth out here at

(Pluviophile: a lover of rain ;someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.)

I hope you find as many memorable reads through her recommendations as I have.

By the way, last year’s theme worked so well, I’m repeating the theme of literary pursuits until it becomes an involuntary reflex, like breathing.

Whether it’s writing excercises, reading others works, participation in courses or groups, research, etc… In this theme I have found success.

I wish you all the same for your New Years themes and resolutions and remember any day is a good day to start or start again. New Year’s Day is simply a gentle reminder. :reminder_ribbon:

What theme will you pick the year?


Happy New Year. This year I aim not to be fearless, but to fear less and write more.


Happy New Year all.

The aim is the release of a three book series. Two years in the making it feels like forever but in reality is an achievement given how much else has gone on.

No artificial deadlines on the launch, editing in progress, will take as along as it takes, but all three will come out in 2022.


Bravo Lita!

Fear can hold us back from so much. It is freeing when we realize we are the one person that has all the power to change our fear in to motivation

" Feel the fear, and do it anyway!" is a favorite mantra to derive courage from.

The steps you are taking, you are already a serious success story in my humble observation. Write on.


CONGRATULATIONS! :tada::tada::tada::clap::clap::clap:

(Thunderous applause!!!)

PLEASE DO share some writing snippets with us,
If you feel ok with sharing some.

I am very excited for you in your phase of hard won completion.

A Happy New Year indeed everyone!


Happy New Year, @DeAnna and thank you! :slight_smile:

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[Prolog, Book Two:]

I see you little one. The Roamer girl with the eyes like green fire .

Jovanka felt the presence in her mind, her unseen watcher.

On a visit to the Emperor’s court, washed and scrubbed to look less like a dirty half-breed Roamer child, Jovanka had ignored the soldiers, the officials and the dignitaries.

At the back of the room, sat an older woman, hair streaked white and flame-red, silently watching all of them. A silver torc shaped like a serpent coiled around her neck. Everything about her spoke of the tribes North of Kemeer’s Wall.

The queen of the Lacani hadn’t spoken then, but Jovanka knew who spoke to her now.

Where will you run to, little one ?

The child Jovanka had been drawn to the dark-eyed woman, as the whispers went around the Emperor’s great hall.


Do you think you can hide , little one ?

Hundreds of miles from the capitol, Jovanka felt herself pulled back to Kamsen, to the palace.

You cannot run, little one. I am wherever you are.

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You had me at Witch! This is great stuff! I am so excited for series to come out!