Group Book Suggestions and Reviews

I thought to try something a little different today…who would like to recommend a good read?

I am always looking for my next good read to lose myself in. If you are too, let’s do it. Let’s recommend some great reads.

I’ll go first, and it’s a goodie, because it’s the first in a series of 3. (So, if you enjoy the read, THERE’S MORE! Lost Souls and The Dead Road)

Revivers by Seth Patrick

Audie Award Winner, Paranormal, 2014

"Jonah Miller is a Reviver, able to temporarily revive the dead so they can say goodbye to their loved ones - or tell the police who killed them. Jonah works in a department of forensics created specifically for Revivers, and he’s the best in the business. For every high-profile corpse pushing daisies, it’s Jonah’s job to find justice for them. But while reviving the victim of a brutal murder, he encounters a terrifying presence. Something is on the other side watching. Waiting. His superiors tell him it’s only in his mind, a product of stress.

Jonah isn’t so certain. Then Daniel Harker, the first journalist to bring revival to public attention, is murdered. Jonah finds himself getting dragged into the hunt for answers. Working with Harker’s daughter Annabel, he becomes determined to find those responsible and bring them to justice. Soon they uncover long-hidden truths that call into doubt everything Jonah stands for, and reveal a sinister force that threatens us all. Putting the paranormal in the police department, first-time author Seth Patrick blends genre lines with this edgy crime thriller. The first novel in the Reviver trilogy, Reviver is sure to appeal to fans of Dean Koontz and Justin Cronin."-Macmillan

Available from Amazon or Audible. (The audio performance was spot on)

@danielw had a wonderful bookstore he recommended that ships pretty much anywhere if you enjoy a great recommendation to give your business to.

@danielw ,what was the name link to the great owner operated bookstore I believe in New Orleans, Louisiana? Wasn’t it Tubby’s?

What books can you recommend to read, or discuss?

Any on the art of writing?

Any book that has just stuck with you or a great example for studying of any lessons we have learned from @daniels courses/summit speakers? (since it is what we all share in common here it’s a great place of reference to share from)

What genres/age groups do you like?

I ask because I only like to read Middle Grade and YA, so if you don’t like books written for those ages, I wouldn’t be able to recommend much. But in those groups I have lots of books I love. :slight_smile:

But I do have tons of craft books I can recommend:

  • Anything by H. R. D’ Costa
  • Anything by Lewis Jorstad
  • Anything by K. M. Weiland
    (all of their websites have tons of free resources that are so helpful)
  • “Blueprint for a Book” by Jennie Nash
  • “Write Novels Fast” by Shea McLeod (using art journals to plan a book…fun and fast read!)
  • Writing craft books by Beth Barany
  • Snowflake Method books by Randy Ingermannson

These ones I haven’t read yet but bought them and look forward to diving in when I get a chance, so I can’t speak to how good they are yet:

  • “Three Story Method” by J Thorn (haven’t read this one yet)
  • “Book Marketing Secrets” by Paul Brodie
  • “Emotional Wound Thesaurus” by Becca Puglisi
  • “Mastering Your Mystery” by Cheryl Bradshaw
  • “Write a Book in 2 Hours” by Jonathan Green

Ooohhh! These sound really good. I am especially curious about 1,3,and 5 in this list.

The Writing Craft Book, is one I could really get into as well. I think it would translate to writing a cook book in same principles (My grown children message me all the time “for that thing you used to make”).

Please do list the YA. Many of us have teens in our lives and I do at times enjoy the escapism of reading for that audience.

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I’m currently reading CLOUD CUCKOO LAND by Anthony Doerr and it is brilliant! Also recently read and enjoyed, THE VANISHING HALF by Brit Bennett, and SING, UNBURRIED, SING by Jesmyn Ward.

I’m writing middle grade fiction so I would love any recommendations in that category. I can recommend the fantasy AMARI AND THE NIGHT BROTHERS by B. B. Alston and THE LIST OF THINGS THAT WILL NOT CHANGE, by Rebecca Stead.

I will check out the recommended craft books. I also need to go back and review my notes for all the craft books I have already read. The challenge for me is to incorporate all the ideas into my writing.

Hi Susan, it’s so good to see you!

Cloud Cuckoo Land is on my stack to read! Now I will be moving it to the top of the stack. I’ll be adding these other two as well.

Nothing is better than a reading recommendation made by a writer!