For Crime Writers! April 19-23, 2021

ProWriting Aid is offering another free summit week. This time the focus is crime writing. Monday thru Thursday sessions are free. Friday’s sessions require a ProWriting Aid license.


Appreciate the heads up. My grammar is criminal, does that count?


What I don’t understand are the advantages of using grammerly or proWriting Aid instead of using Word

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I don’t know about grammerly but ProWriting Aid has a host of linguistic focus tools that help you analyze your writing for specific issues during the revising process. Far more than I think even Scrivener offers in that particular feature.

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@Pdrexler Here is a timely podcast interview Joanna Penn had with Chris Banks of ProWritingAid that may broaden your understanding of the tools provided by the software.

This post is criminal, @daniel_0227

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