Find Your Readers Summit - open thread

The event is live! Ask questions, register, let me know about typos…

This is the general thread for the event. Post comments about individual talks / my bonus video here.



I am really looking forward to the summit!

Q: I have registered some time ago, but I do not find your bonus video anywhere. Where should I look for it? (I registered for the summit at the same time as I registered for the circle)

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Oh no! Let me send an email out.

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Definitely looking forward to this summit. I’m at the total beginning phase (i.e. not done anything towards this yet as I feel that completion of my first novel is too far away), but I hear it’s suggested that one starts things early, so… Anyway, it never hurts to learn new things.

I’ve had a look at the line-up which does look awesome. Because of my time zone, some of them will have to be watched as replays, but that’s all good. I’ll be able to watch/listen when I’m ready.

Thanks, Daniel, for arranging the summit on this topic.


Looking forward to this summit! Like most writers, I’m a big chunk of an introvert (rather than ‘a bit of an introvert’) so the notion of having to actively work to find my readers has all the appeal of visiting a dentist to have all my teeth yanked out.

Just watched the replay of the pre-launch email - creating your own email newsletter - and will be watching it again, this time to take copious notes! So thank you for that replay, Daniel. I depend on the replays - I think every session in the summit other than the last one of each day is live during my beddie-byes time here in Australia, but I daresay trying to hit on a schedule that accommodates all timezones would be Mission Impossible!


What a brilliant summit, Daniel, as always.

I was so nervous about attending another marketing summit, and you Mister-Rogers-ed it into something infinitely more friendly, digestible, and accessible than I could have imagined.

Well done, and thank you for all your hard work!


@Writesmith that is so kind.

This was 100% my goal. So happy to hear it worked out.

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How is everyone feeling now?

I am (I admit) a little tired! But I’m also so happy after our closing happy hour.



I’m exhausted from trying to keep up and deal with my overactive schedule. But… I am so glad I was able to attend. New concepts, different perspectives, and finding validation in my “crazy” ideas, made it all worthwhile.

Thanks for hosting such a great event, Daniel.


Well done on delivering another fantastic summit, Daniel. You are, as always, such an inspiration.

You really set the tone with your thoughtful interview questions and gentle reminders along the way.

You served as an excellent bridge between the participants and the presenters - highlighting relevant questions and keeping things focussed and on track.

Such a wealth of information in such a short intense period.



(Gōngxǐ nǐ!)


So grateful for this podcast summary of the summit!


I really enjoyed the Find Your Readers Summit. The emphasis seemed to be on direct contact with readers, newsletters probably being the best vehicle. This prompted me to make a switch to a different newsletter platform. I often find newsletters that I have subscribed to in my Promotions Box. I rarely look at the contents. I just delete them all. I started wondering if the newsletters that I send out end up in my subscribers’ Promo Boxes. It would explain the horrible open rate. Then I found this article on line and I’ve started to rethink how I produce my newsletters. I had been spending hours designing and making them visually interesting with photos and graphics, etc. I didn’t realize I might have been shooting myself in the foot!


Great article! Thanks for sharing it here.


I get a number of newsletters I want going into promotions, and not always consistently. I haven’t worked out why Gmail does it to some but leaves the others in Priority Inbox. I just know to check both. sometimes in the Social folder as well. Gmail is run on too many fallible algorithms, IMHO.

There’s a stack of stuff goes to Priority inbox I routinely delete depending on the subject line.

You have to accept some people will sign up from curiosity, for a freebie, or a passing interest. The loyal subscribers won’t care which folder it’s in.


Sometimes (not always) you can copy and paste the email address from the email service into your address book. For instance, I have an author email address and subscribers can reach me directly, but in my welcome email, I also ask them to add to their contacts. That is the email address attached to my newsletter stuff.