Dream Job Writing Prompt

What could be easier to begin writing ideas about than your dream job?

Even your own business?

It doesn’t even have to be real.

Dragon Wrangler: How would you catch/purchase, select breeding stock. Who would your customers be? ​

Hedge Witch: Good or evil? What charms or potions do you sell? Who are your customers?

Sorcerer fronting as a magician: Where do you perform. What is your stage name? Assistant? Who is your audience? What trick are you most known for?

Perhaps, something more satisfying middle of the road suggested by Brittany Atkenson @medium.com

"You are starting your own business. I like this prompt because it allows you to make your dreams a reality, even if just in writing.

If you’ve always dreamed of opening your own book shop or coffee shop, this is the time to plan it down to every detail.

What is the vibe? Do you sell vegan and gluten-free goods? What sorts of book genres will you have? The possibilities are endless.

Maybe you can even turn this free-write into a reality, or check out any of these other 9 writing prompts"


Did you dream big?

Did you choose this reality or another?

Are you already living your dream job?

Would you be comfortable sharing anything you’ve written here?

In my dreams, the whole world would go into a holding pattern while I completed projects. Only starting up again when I was done or at least on a break. punch that time clock and the world waits, holds all calls, undivided attention. too good to be true…? I am sure it is problematic in ways I can not even fathom but maybe there is a bubble somewhere I could gain hours while in this realm only minutes have gone by. Come to think of it, wasn’t there a wardrobe like that? (Running to my closet right now for a spot check.)


This is an interesting question. Right now, I am doing my dream job, writing. Though, like you said, @DeAnna, I wish there were more hours in the day to do it, but ah well. I fully intend to be writing literally forever, so I suppose I’ve got time. :smiley:

But if we’re imagining a bit of the where, when, how, etc., I’d have to say there is a particular place I would love to sit and write in. I think @Danielw asked this in an e-mail a while back about places you would like to write if you could. I gave a couple “real world” locations, and one fictional. That fictional place is where I would love to go and write if I could–secretted away in the garden at the heart of the palace on a world called Galmania (from the Space Battleship Yamato franshice).

Admittedly, this garden is not canon. I made it up for a fic, but I made it almost 20 years ago, based on a song.

Light falls down from a glass ceiling, dancing over roaring falls. The stream that flows from its base runs a slim circle around this haven and vanishes into the palace’s water system. A low, wooden bridge spans the stream.

Beneath a young tree, far enough from the spray of the water, I can write uninterrupted. Here, a maze of trees and shrubs keeps out all who would intrude, and the falls hide the traipse of passing strangers.

White roses honor the memory of one who sacrificed herself so the one she loved could live, and those roses welcome all who find their way here.

This is a place of deep memory, old sorrow, and tenacious hope.

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This line is pure gold!

(sighing deeply) thank you for the view into your world and special place to write, beautifully, visually moving.

By the way, this here was an ah-ha! moment for me!!!

So often hear about not having time to write, I have said it myself many times, to myself, and in self defense of my halting progress.

I think what is so insightful here is that when we have a specific writing project in mind, we realize we need to get into the zone sometimes to live with our characters and take down their dictation, breath life into them and that is going to take some time and focus.

So we panic thinking “there is no time to solve all of this now! What delve deeper in to layers of my story in twenty minutes. That is preposterous. I have no time” then hair pulling ensues.

However when you put it like this…

“I fully intend to be writing literally forever, so I suppose I’ve got time.”

A massive weight lifts. I knowing that this is an activity that will simply always be, and thus just one piece of a long fluid motion, spanning the distance of your life.

As creatives we sometimes get caught up in an idea for a project and forget will continue to create, our supply of writing, of creation, is infinite.

As opposed to say a sniper who has just one shot, and it better be perfect or … Well you get the idea.

May I quote you on this elsewhere?

“I fully intend to be writing literally forever, so I suppose I’ve got time.”


(I definitely want this on my wall above my desk.)

Would that be ok with you?

How would you like to be credited?


Does anybody else have an inspiration wall or mantras that move their writing forward?

I would love to hear them if you do?

@DeAnna, sorry for the break between replies. Long weekend. And yesterday was a tough day (left my day job), but, I’m back.

Thank you. I love that place. Remembered after I posted that I actually featured it in a fic once.

Creation takes careful effort, and sometimes I suppose we get overwhelmed with the minutia that we forget to just start doing it and not worry about everything at once. There’s a time to step back and take objective view of the whole, but that time isn’t before the work’s done. We can’t look at what’s not there.

Sure! :smiley: I go by D. T. Powell.

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