Deep Point of View

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to achieve what I’ve heard referred to as “Deep POV” and am always searching for new techniques. Whether you write in first or third person, what are some of the ways you write or edit your writing to get a closer or deeper POV?

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I decided a long time ago to write more deeply… I look out for the character “talking” to the reader. Character can to to themselves, but not the audience. Words and phrases like, [thought, decided, told myself] Prepositional phrasing, and I love me some prepositional phrases, that indicate an author outside the the story, “It occurred to me…” the gandy of them all, “Suddenly, I realised…”


Yes. Those pesky filter words. THey always seep into my first draft and then I have to go back and weed them out. I hadn’t thought about the prepositional phrases, though. That’s good. Thanks!

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If ever there was an argument for “messy” writing, the POV in the First . . . or, second, third/etc draft can be found. I make notes in the narration, characters wax eloquently, and sometimes not. I like getting it all in one place.