Daniel Sighting!

Looks like @Danielw has been on an interview spree lately. Sacha Black’s interviewing of him on How to Run an Author Event has appeared today (July 7th) on her YouTube channel.


Thank you!

I’m actually interviewing Sacha today, for my next summit — how to start and run a podcast.

What questions should I ask?


Hmm, I wish I was more into wanting to start a podcast to be able to help you with this. I’m more likely to start a YouTube channel than a podcast.

Some questions that come to mind involve equipment. What is the minimal set-up regarding audio input (microphones, etc) and software for someone wanting to just jump in (as you advise in your interview on author events) and then a follow-up of what is the more recommended options that would involve some financial investment? What other software might be useful or crucial besides audio capture, editing and creating a transcript?

What are hosting options for your podcast besides your own website? Is it expensive to be on Spotify or others?

Suggestion: I might retitle it so that it is specifically “author podcast” unless you are trying to be more general. I think I’d have different questions if I wanted to start a podcast like The Friendship Onion (Billy Boyd/Dominic Monaghan of LOTR fame) or something for authors specifically.

Is it important to niche down with your topics and branding or is there still room for broader focus?

On The Friendship Onion they have a few particular…I’m blanking on the word…they’re sections in the podcast they do each session like “Billy and Dom eat the World” where a listener suggests a food from somewhere in the world and they try it and rate on a few different factors. They have a handful of different things like that including a regular trivia contest between a couple of listeners on LOTR trivia. Morning shows on radio stations seem to have similar types of regular features like that. Sasha has her tiny version of this with the question she always asks at the end about a moment when the interviewee was particularly rebellious. I think this might fall into some questions on just scheduling content in general. Do you just take what comes (assuming your podcast is mostly interviewing others) or do you create a series of podcasts based around certain topics even if the listeners aren’t necessarily told that’s what is happening? Maybe you can think of some other questions about how to laying out the content schedule.

Umm, I’d be curious about how to transition from having to actively solicit and entice guest speakers to receiving plenty of quality pitches to fill my schedule instead. I think this is a good place to reiterate the point you and Sasha covered in the event interview about framing a pitch so that it isn’t about you as the guest but how it benefits the audience. You could expand on that in this interview in some way and perhaps offer advice about how to approach potential guests; what to say and what not to say.

If you have time, perhaps go back through the interview she posted today and mirror some of those questions. I thought they were REALLY good questions and answers. Very nuts and bolts instead of a lot of fluff.

Hopefully there is something that sparks some questions you haven’t thought of in my rambling above. :slight_smile:


Recorded! You are going to really enjoy this interview.


Perhaps, how to know if your subject matter is viable enough for an ongoing podcast, if not how did you make it so? or not all podcasts are ongoing so how to frame a short series podcast experience? Does one work from a set format of scripts? What are they, where do they come from, formula? “To do list for your First five episodes in a nutshell” kind of thing? What is the difference between podcasts and other writing ventures? Why create a podcast as opposed to other venues?
The one most important thing you wish you new before starting your pod cast? Where/when/how do you launch your podcast?

Any of these questions ideas, I have often wondered about as it pertains to podcasts.

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Another Daniel sighting (This is even more business-y and almost zero about writing):

I’m sharing just because I’m on the docket with Pat Flynn. Feels wild to see it.