Daje returns! (Friday 3pm)

Dear summit participants!

I’m excited that one of the stars of the Find Your Readers summit, Daje the Story Doula, will return to give a pre-summit, reunion session on Friday at 3pm. She will talk, and then we’ll have another chance to enter our community space and chat to one another.

Daje’s theme is “purpose,” and why seeking your purpose may be harming your artistic work. Last time, Daje moved at least one member of the audience to tears, and I’m looking forward to bringing her back. https://forest.plotsummit.com/schedule/


That’s great news! She’s an inspirational speaker.

Also, I wanted to give you two more names to add to your list of future speakers for next year’s summit: Jennie Nash and Dana Pittman. They both presented at the ProWritingAid Romance Week event this week, and both of their sessions were outstanding.

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