Creative Pumpkin Decoration

Just saw one of the most creative Halloween decorations using pumpkins in all of my 49 Halloweens. :jack_o_lantern:

Putting the image and link behind a spoiler tag for those who are uncomfortable with images of spiders (even things that only look like them). My apologies if you have a phobia for pumpkins. I couldn’t resist the jack-o-lantern emojis.

Beware: May be triggering to arachnophobes!


Have any interesting Pumpkin decorating ideas to share? Is Halloween a thing where you live? If not, do you have something similarly themed involving decorations and pumpkins on Oct 31 or another day? Please share. :jack_o_lantern:


Those spiders are inspiring!

I decorate for the season, not necessarily for each holiday with the exception of Christmas. A friend and I are going to paint dried gourds this week. I painted one last year based on this photo I found on the internet.