Creating Visual Memories of Your Stories

This week’s craft essay is an exercise in thinking of your story in terms of images, learn how to pay attention to your own visual imagination, mine it for its full wealth and then craft a story that shares those unforgettable riches with your readers.

Don’t Write Scenes-Write Images


Finally got to read this. I get K.M. Weiland’s Twitter updates, but I’ve never stumbled across this article before.

It’s funny, she touches on some things I’ve experienced vividly in my personal life. A vivid visual memory is the root cause of why I started writing in the first place, and why I am where I am today. One memory like that can change your life – literally.

I even bought a coloring book last week – for the pictures. They were so outrageous in places that I had to keep it for inspirational purposes.

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I just finished reading Gillian Bronte Adams’ The Songkeeper Chronicles, and the set left me in tears. I’ve never read anything quite like these. Though the books didn’t evoke visual memories, I suppose they evoked experiential memories if that makes any sense at all. The core metaphor spoke to me so deeply I immediately starting using it in internal monologue.

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