Can we talk here about our next summit (s)?

Did you see this questionnaire I sent out?

It would be great to have a conversation here about what kind of future events you would be most excited by.

And I would be especially curious about your thoughts on the “writing style” event I mentioned.

From the survey:

“I’m planning a new writing summit in May / June. It will be a mix of plot, craft, and marketing advice (my friend Brian Berni, the audience expert, will be co-hosting).”

“I am ALSO thinking about hosting a two-day event on writing style and voice. I know a lot of experts in the field who teach amazing techniques. You would learn great sentenceconstruction skills and do lots of live prompts to develop your voice. Does that sound interesting? More than the other options? Less?”


I saw & took the survey. Both events look good. I don’t have adcice or requests to add at this time, but I’ll think on it.
I ammost excited about maybe the 2-day writing style/voice event. It’s something I struggle with and can always use more practice, tips, & insight.


I did reply to the survey. I can share some different thoughts here. I love the idea of 2-day summits with narrower craft topics as a subject. I had several ideas for that but I tried to focus on a larger summit idea because I’m not sure how sustainable smaller, more focused summits would be for you from a cost and energy level perspective. A lot goes into organizing, promoting and delivering events.

Took the survey. Short and sweet.

I also just completed the survey. I love the idea of focusing on voice. There are so many “invisible” aspects of writing that it would be useful to learn about what they and how to apply them properly.

The types of things I would recommend may be too niche for what you are trying to accomplish with the summit. Things like delving more into specific genres, their expectations, and any other unspoken “rules”.

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I am sooo excited to hear there’s a new summit in the works!!! Going to follow the link and input :slight_smile:

I’m keen after the last one being so good. And interested in early bird offers.