Book club suggestions Nina Manning

I just finished reading The Housemate, by Nina Manning.

The suspense was excruciating as I turned each page digging for answers to the questions swarming through my brain.

A uniquely structured chain of events kept me guessing to the very end.

The conclusion I did not see coming! That does not happen to me very often so I am impressed when it does.

What I believed to be a battered woman hiding from her abusive ex as he pursued her was so different in it’s revelations than anything I could have imagined.

Nina Manning

I have to admit that when a book becomes excruciatingly tense, I put it down. I rarely come back to it. I love mysteries (and write 'em) but hate mysteries which are really this type of thriller. A gentle tension is fine…


The neat thing about any book is we all see the same story with our own eyes and relatable to our own life experiences.

I hope my review doesn’t keep you from checking her out as an author. You could experience one of her books differently than I did with this one.

I definitely enjoyed my need-to-know torment, because I am rarely in the dark as to whodunnit passed the first two chapters.

It was deliciously intriguing for me.

Is that a little challenge, DeAnna? Next book I write, I’ll send you an ARC and see if it takes you longer than the first couple of chapters!!! :wink:

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I am sooo looking forward to reading it!!!:heart_eyes: