Black Friday Deals for Writers

Black Friday is a big day of discounts in the US.

Share your interesting deals for writing tools / apps here! They can be someone else’s or your own, but let’s keep it writing focused (no discounts on lawn mowers, for example).

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For example: ProWritingAid has another good sale on

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Writer’s Craft 2.0 Infostack


Self Publishing Formula - Black Friday Event 2020


30% off Everything on the Affinity store


50% off John Truby’s Blockbuster Software app

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This was in my inbox when I got back from an errand:

From Dave Chesson at Kindlepreneur -

Hey Argent,

As promised, I’ve rounded up all of the Black Friday deals for authors that I could find — and I’m putting them in one place to save you time and money.

For some of these deals, I’ll tell you about specific coupon codes to use when you check out. If I don’t mention a coupon, it means you shouldn’t need one.

I’m familiar with many of these services (I’m even an affiliate for some), but others are new to me. So if you have questions about any of these special offers, please reach out to the companies directly for faster, more accurate answers.

Without further ado, here’s the list!

Publisher Rocket Book Marketing Software (Our first ever Black Friday deal!)
Get my $50 course Become a Kindle Keyword Genius for free when you purchase Rocket. (You’ll get an email with your free course after you buy Publisher Rocket).

ProWritingAid Editing Software
Get 50% off a lifetime license OR 25% off of an annual license.

The Novel Factory Plotting and Outlining Software
Get 50% off with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020

Novlr Novel Writing Software
Save 30% with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020

Best Page Forward Done-for-You Book Descriptions
Up to $530 off a pack of book descriptions.

MasterClass Online Courses
Buy 2 memberships for the price of one ($180 off).

Udemy Online Courses
Save up to 90% on dozens of popular writing courses — starting at $9.99.

BooksGoSocial Author Ad Services
Get $75 off Gold, Platinum, Amazon or Facebook Ads Packages with coupon bf75

PublishDrive Book Distribution Service
Save 50% off their subscription fee for two months. As a bonus, they are also offering 50% off the royalty splitting service, Abacus.

The Write Practice
Get 30% off at The Write Shop.

BookBaby Facebook Ads for Authors
Get $50 off with code FACEBOOK50

Get Response Email Marketing
Get 40% off any plan.

Podia Course Creation, Email Marketing, eBook Sales, and More
15% off of any Podia plan.

50% off for six-months and lifetime online conference passes with coupon INDIE50

Self Publishing Formula Courses
Save 55% on the Craft Course Triple Pack.

One Stop for Writers
Get 50% off the six-month plan with code BLACKFRIDAY2020

Fictionary Editing Software for Fiction Writers
50% off an Annual StoryTeller Subscription with coupon BLACKFRIDAY2020

Helping Writers Become Authors
Get 25% off software with coupon OUTLINE

50% on any Well-Storied writing workbook or book bundle with coupon BLACKFRIDAY50

Campfire Blaze Writing Software
55% off lifetime access to writing modules with coupon BLAZEFRIDAY20

Freelance Writers Den
Get your first month’s subscription for just $9 (over 60% off!)

Grammar Lion
40% off the Grammar Refresher Course

The DIY Publishing Course Unlimited
Get 93% Off

50% Off Instagram for Authors Course with coupon WPSFRIDAY20

First Editing
20% Off Professional Editing Services from First Editing with coupon BLACK20

50% Off 3 Months of Storiad with coupon BLACKFRIDAY2020

50% Off a MasterWriter License

Ghostwriter School
60% Off Ghostwriter School

Thinkific Online Course Creator
6 months of Thinkific for the price of 4, PLUS over $1200 worth of bonuses

Teachable Online Course Creator
$150+ off any plan

OptinMonster Email Popups
Save up to 60% Off OptinMonster Now!

Book Brand Self-Publishing A Nonfiction Book Course
Get 50% off The Idea to Author 30-Day Challenge (Bundle) with coupon THANKSGIVING50

That’s all for now — happy shopping!

Dave Chesson
Excited to heat up some leftovers.



From K.M. Weiland -

Sorry to add this as an edit. Discourse won’t allow more than 3 consecutive replies and told me to do it this way. Unfortunately I don’t think edits show up as new posts so hopefully folks interested don’t miss this.

Another one:

Sacha Black is offering 15% off all of her courses, consulting, books, etc.
CODE: blackfriday15

Hey Argent,

I know, I know. Your inboxes are swamped with Black Friday deals. But hey, it is Black Friday and I do have a cracking deal for you.

See, I recently upgraded my whole website and in doing so, I added a web shop. Meaning I can give you guys exclusive discounts on my books, courses and consulting. In fact, they’re so exclusive, you can’t get these discounts anywhere else. What’s included?

Anything I’m selling directly, so my (wide) ebooks, 1-2-1 consulting and my courses.

So if you’d like 15% off my books, courses or consulting, then use the code blackfriday15 at the checkout. That works for both my web shop and my course on Thinkific.

Discounts last until 4th December.


@Argent, thanks for all of the research! I had actually purchased the K.M. Weiland deal before you posted. Checking out the others now.


Do you use this? Have you used the Truby product? I’ve never talked to anyone who used it for Novels, and was curious how it compares to something like Scrivener (right now I use Ulysses/Plottr).


Let’s see,

I do regularly purchase the writing related infostacks and recommend them most of the time.

I have purchased all three Affinity products (Publisher, Photo, Designer) now to replace my outdated Adobe Creative Suite 4. If you are only publishing novels, you probably don’t need all of them but I plan on a side publishing business that will be more graphic design intensive (coloring books, activity books, etc).

I didn’t purchase John Truby’s software but I have been eyeing his genre audio lessons and jumped on a 3-pack (action, fantasy, and myth) from the sale. K.M. Weiland has a software application for outlining. I think I prefer to build up my own process rather than buy either of theirs. I did get a lifetime subscription to Plottr, though.

I plan to purchase at least one course from Mark Dawson in the future once I get to a point in my writing where I’m close to publishing, if he’s still offering them.

I picked up a lifetime subscription to ProWritingAid back during Daniel’s plot summit. I’m already getting some use from it just in writing comments and having the browser extension. I’m looking forward to what it will do for my novel writing.

I do have Publisher Rocket. I haven’t used it much yet but consider it a valuable tool to have.

I have a lot of great courses from Udemy. No rush there, though. They have sales constantly.

A lot of the offerings, I’m just not in the right place in my author career to take advantage of right now. I will definitely be subscribing to One Stop for Writers every now and then. They have an awesome array of resources for writing.


You’re probably good with Ulysses/Plottr instead of Scrivener. I’d recommend picking up ProWritingAid to get the linguistic focus tools that Scrivener has but PWA has more and better. Unless you get that from Ulysses. I’m not a Mac owner so I haven’t used Ulysses.

Edit: My opinion anyway. Someone else is welcome to disagree and convince us differently. :slight_smile:

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@thughes Do you self-publish? If so, I’m curious what tool you use for the formatting component. Vellum? Calibre? Something else?

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Just starting out. No published novel yet. I’m 99.9% certain I’ll be self publishing. I’ll be using Vellum, based on Joanna Penn’s recommendation (possibly within the next 6 months for some short stories), but I can’t give a personal recommendation yet.


I can’t give a personal recommendation either but I’ve heard extremely good things about Vellum’s ease of use; especially for doing boxed sets. I’m not sure I’m willing to go so far as invest in a Mac just for it but I’ve read about buying time on virtual machine Mac servers and using it that way. I think it will depend on how much I end up struggling or wrestling with Calibre or other options when the time comes. Thank you for the reply.

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