Back in Action! Facts to Fiction!

Howdy y’all!

I took a little break the last 10 days and have missed everyone’s thoughts and writing contributions so much!!!

I am really glad to be back!

While on my break, I have had an interesting true life experience that fed into a story idea.

What unusual circumstances have you encountered that inspired their way on to the page?

Would you be willing to share here a little of what happened and how it influenced your writing?

My event…?

Well, I never saw it coming!

Real Estate, a Cult masquerading as an elite social society, a prominent vineyard, a boys camp and murder!!!

(I ask you, where is Angela Lansbury when you really need her? :joy:)

If anyone is curious I would be happy to share?

In the meantime checkout these tips for writing fiction based on facts from

Happy writing!!!