A huge Thank you to Daniel

Hey Daniel, just wanted to say I had a fantastic time and still am… watching and rewatching the sessions. It’s been so good and I am feeling re-inspired to actually get something achieved. There was so much information, inspiration and enthusiasm and it is surely infectious. I can’t begin to choose which was my favourite session, each time I think about that I think yes but what about… I learned so much there… or that was so good too. You must have worked so hard to put all this together so successfully and I just wanted to say, it is really appreciated.:heart_eyes::star_struck:


Thank you, thank you. What an experience! I’m very grateful (and relieved it’s gone so well.)


I just want to second this sentiment in the most enthusiastic terms!
I’ve just finished watching the final character-first session, and it was particularly helpful. I wrote a short story earlier this year that fell flat in my eyes and everyone else’s. So, I tried as hard as I could not to repeat that problem in future stories… but I didn’t really know what the problem was.
Now, I look at the story that fell flat, and I see that there is zero orientation–none whatsoever. Now, I’ll be able to fix the problem consciously. Thank you!

In general, though, every session has been a success. I also enjoyed simply hearing you read from the chat at the start of the sessions, hearing that other writers are out there, working away on the most wonderful projects.

So, please take a big thanks from me. And can I just check that I’ll know whenever you hold another event like this?


What an amazing 5 days. Thank you and your panelists for all their hard work. This was better than 30+ years of Cons in 6 countries, 2 years of MFA study, 5 Writers’ groups, and innumerable workshops.


I go to a few craft conferences a year, including Inkers.con (surprisingly, I can’t write a romance to save my life, but its still a good conference for everyone).

I don’t think I’ve ever paid so little for so much valuable content. Hoping for another iteration next year.


It couldn’t have gone better! I truly learned more at your summit than I have learned at any conference I’ve attended! Thank you gain! Can’t wait for today’s discussions! Just waiting on the email!

Thanks again for everything!!! Can’t wait until the next one this spring!


Hi Kayla!

There are no live sessions today — I’m just waiting for the giveaways to post before I add the plot pass material. It’s a weird quirk of the system. I have to let the event end before I add more or the giveaways won’t be calculated.

Okay, thank you for your quick response. You mentioned discussing some of the sessions and I just didn’t want to miss it because I’m sure it would deepen my understanding.

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PS Giveaway winners have been notified! Reply to me if you got an email announcing your ascension to prize winner status.