The Craft of Fiction

It’s been a busy Summer with paid coaching work and family chores, so I haven’t written everyday; however the ideas kettle keeps simmering with plot and character fragments for the works in progress, so the writing goes on.

The more intriguing questions

  • can you be a writer if you haven’t produced something?
  • can you consider yourself a writer if no one has read your work?

I’m having an identity crisis as I’m done with non-fiction for now, but the fiction WIP’s are unfinished. So I was a writer for a time, am I still a writer of a different kind now, or have I gone back to aspiring writer of the works yet to be read?

If I’m doing more of a different day-job than writing, am I still a writer? For a while it was a full time job, but now I begin to doubt.

To be or not to be, that is the question…


I have decided to write a post for the group about the “definition of writer”, keep an eye out for it.

Spoiler alert you definitely qualify as one. (As does everyone here in the group, since writing with Daniel is how we arrived here with an invitation to join. Yes, by being writers, but I digress)

Like all creative endeavors they must be imagined and contemplated before executed.

The pre-writing rituals are as crucial to building a complete story as is the hard copy.

You are doing all the right things. You are a writer.